Monday, September 29, 2008

Another one down

I was at a horse show all weekend. We only have two more! I can't believe how summer has flown by. It was a really busy week for me. Our stall cleaner quit so I was pitching in so that poor Marge didn't have to do it all by herself. Plus I was doing all my regular lessons and training and we had the show. It was very successful. I think all the kids took blue ribbons home. My horses were awesome. And my new mare is coming Wednesday!!!! I can't believe it. She should get to me in the evening sometime.

Of course Sunday Jolyn and I had projects to do. This week it was about 30 stalls. We did get a new guy that started today thank God. But JoLyn, Colton, Jacob and I busted all of those out in about 2 hours. After the stalls they helped me feed and bring horses in. It was so cute and I really appreciated the help.

He is angry, but he is super dirty and needs a bath!

These guys are definately hired.

Jacob is struggling a little bit. He is being led not leading.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good luck Chu....Denise?

So does everyone remember the movie "Good Luck Chuck?" Well apparently they should have titled it "Good Luck Denise" and put me in as the star. Because what I can do for people is date them and have them tell me that they really don't want a relationship and make up all these excuses not to be my boyfriend and then as soon as we part ways they find their true love. So I am putting this out there for all you single men looking for a good woman. Come date me! Not because I am the good woman, but because you will find the good one when you are done torturing me!

I don't think I need to list any examples. It applies to EVERYONE I have been with. Including the most recent idiot...Morgan (JoLyn lol). I mean the idiot FROM Morgan. He declared to me today that he is seeing someone and she is the most amazing person he ever met. Funny....I thought I was the most amazing person anyone ever met! Ha ha. I mean if you saw this kid you would shit down both legs thinking I stooped to that level. Lets face it I am hot (not), smart, you can take me camping or dress me up and I will bend over backwards for you if you treat me half decent. This kid is square headed, open mouthed breathing, messed up teeth, no personality and a 'B' list rodeo star. Do you hear me people!!! I can't even tie an ugly dude down! Oh and the chick is like nineteen and she works at the feed store. That is how they met. Way to go big idiot. Lets see hot chick has her own business doesn't live with the parents fun and smart ORRRR chick that graduated last year is hot because she is a child and hasn't got hips yet lives with her parents and makes six dollars an hour. However, the kid is a total backwoods hick and they probably are perfect for each other. He couldn't handle me if he tried lol.

Now if you all know me as well as I think you do you will know that I am just teasing. I don't really think that highly of myself. And after all the swearing and tantrum throwing I did today let God forgive me for I am only human. I did manage to tell the moron how insignificant he was and I realize that was juvenile but I had a purpose for it. My purpose was to be so mean to the kid that he would not call me ever again when this whole deal goes south. He is not a positive energy in my life and I needed to make sure he would not be back. So I think I was mean enough that he will never speak to me again. Yes people this is my justification.

Ok that is my rant for the week. Now I promise to spend the rest of the week being an angel and being nice. Love you all thanks for listening.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We get things done

JoLyn and I are 'doers'. We get things done. Yes, we took a shopping trip first and I used the laser, but then we installed the gate.

When you get done looking at how ugly my face is look at what JoLyn is using as a 'spacer' while the post sets in the cement.

Just say no to crack....and my goal was to put the ugliest pictures of me I could find on here.

This is the beautiful work we have done.

And this is just my beautiful sister setting the post.

Everyone pay attention to JoLyn's eyes. I did her make up with my Mac collection. It looks awesome!!!

WTF is this guy doing? He is getting crazy up in here. Any minute Ashton Kutcher is going to come out and tell him he has been punked and he is not really at 'da club' he is on main street in Layton.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good things happen to good people

What goes around comes around right? Well I have spent the last several years of my life trying to better myself and be a good person and change my perspective and all that good stuff. Well it is finally paying off I think! My clientele is getting huge and the lady in California called and is sending the lovely French mare to me for free!!!! I am surrounded with lovely people and I feel so blessed. I think things are really falling into place for me.

JoLyn, Colton, Jacob and I spent Sunday afternoon doing some service for the poor old lady that owns my barn. Her name is Marge and she is 82 years old. She is the hardest working lady I know! She put in a new stall barn for her daughters horses and the stalls needed dirt to level them and mats put in. No one would do it and Marge was near tears and under a lot of stress thinking she would have to do it all so I gathered the troops and off to work we went! It was hell I won't lie, but it was worth it. JoLyn and I worked our guts out and the boys took lots of breaks ha ha.

Another cool thing was when I got to the barn and there was a giant living quarters trailer parked in the driveway and a group of people I hadn't seen before. Well it happened to be Jill Moody and her traveling crew. Jill is ranked third in the world in barrel racing and has this awesome horse named Dolly that she has been to the National Finals Rodeo with. Apparently her aunt knows Marge and they needed a place to rest the horses on their way to New Mexico. I got to meet her and her horses and got a signed picture of her at last years finals.

Godfrey this is the final stall and JoLyn is going to pass out!

We lost the 100lb mats out of the wheel barrow and I might kill myself.

It took Colton about thirty minutes to bring this one mat ha ha! Notice JoLyn is sweating to death and Colton still looks fresh and clean!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The weekend

The show was pretty successful. The judging was not quite how I would have done it, but that's the joy of doing a judged event! The girls were awesome. They rode better than I have seen any of them ride. They have worked so hard and I am so proud of them! I was too lazy to take my horse, but I rode Megan and Jessica's horses.

Saturday I went to my friend's cabin. It was just the two of us and we cooked steaks and hung out. Well I should say HE cooked steaks ha ha. I did nothing I just got to sit back and relax. It was so pretty! It is up Farmington Canyon and although I absolutely HATE the drive up there, once you are there it is beautiful. We just stayed the night and came home in the morning.

Hanging out at JoLyn's has become a Sunday ritual for me. I go over use her laser watch Lifetime and eat her food. I wanted to cry using the laser, I am a total wuss with it! But one day I hope for only hair on my head....and eyebrows.

Jessica and Andrew waiting for the class to start.

Tori and Megan also waiting for the class to start.

The mess at the trailer where we all get ready.

And don't forget the Dingo! He is hiding under the table.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Working hard

I am getting ready to go to a show tomorrow. I just have a two days this time. That will be a nice break from the five dayers. Tomorrow will be a long day and then a short day on Saturday. I will try to remember to take pictures. It is out at Lynnleigh Farms which is a beautiful venue.

I went on a real live date on Monday with one of my ex boyfriends from High School. We went to Market Street and had drinks and dinner and dessert yum! I won a gift certificate there so the fifty dollar crab I had was ok to get. It was so nice to go out with someone who actually respects you and can carry a conversation. I forgot that you could be treated decent. I have had such a run of losers I forgot that dating can be enjoyable ha ha! We are going to go to his cabin Saturday night so that will be fun.

Other than that nothing too interesting. Just riding tons of horses and teaching like crazy! Soon I will be posting a blog about my barn. We have some pretty hilarious stuff that goes on. And I love the owner like she was family. Cutest lady! She is 82 years old and still works her ass off! I pray to God I am in that good of health at that age.