Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I thought it might be time for a little update. I haven't done it because I have no pictures, but I decided you will be S.O.L. and just get the update anyways.

Brian was in town for about a week a week ago. It was lots of fun. I couldn't take time off work so it was just bring your boyfriend to work week. He was so helpful and everyone just loved him. He got to meet some of my friends and some of my not friends lol. JoLyn came and hung out with us quite a bit on the weekend and such. We had a little barbecue at JoLyn's house and Jen came over and got to meet him as well. We got to make some awesome smores with Reese's peanut butter cups....yum.

This weekend he got to come back, because he was driving from Louisiana to Washington for a job. He stayed Saturday night and left this morning. Sunday we went to the mall with JoLyn and Steph and her Brian met up with us. We didn't get to hang out with them for long, but they atleast got to meet him.

So I have been lucky to get to see a lot of him lately. He is working in Washington now and I guess doesn't have to work weekends so he said he would fly down soon. Other than that I have just been working and preparing for our first show which is Saturday. I will be taking a few students and also riding Chili and a few of Patty's horses. It is a jumper show so it is just one day. Jumpers are the classes that are timed. They usually just last one day and the Hunter shows, which are judged, last 4-5 days. I will definitely take photos this weekend and get everyone filled in on how it goes.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I just returned home from a great trip in Nashville. I got into Knoxville about 10:30 on Friday and we drove 3 hours to Nashville. There was a one hour time difference so we got to go out at about 12:30 and hit the bars. We walked into the Cadillac Ranch with no cover charge and it just so happened Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were singing! I was like 5 feet from them! Miranda Lambert was in a baseball cap just looking like a normal person. It was so cool I love them!

The next day we walked through downtown Nashville and went into all the shops and things. We also went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. That night we tried to get tickets to the Grand Ole Opery but they were sold out. So we went on a three hour boat ride on the Cumberland River. They served us a great dinner and had entertainment. The table we sat at had a great group of people. The one gentleman was George Jones and Tammy Wynette's guitar player! His wife was there and his two friends. One who makes guitars and the other's father invented that machine that munches the totaled cars into nothing. The other couple was a really nice couple from Kentucky. We had a great time.

Sunday we drove back to Knoxville and just hung out. And I flew back today. My travel day was somewhat hectic. I had two connections both that I had to run through the airport to catch. The final one to Salt Lake had to kick six people off because we were over the weight limit due to the fact we had to carry extra fuel in case Salt Lake's weather was too bad to land. That was comforting! I made it home safely and had a wonderful time!

This is me in the Wild Horse Saloon.

Me and Brian on the General Jackson boat ride.

Getting ready to board the General Jackson.

This is Elvis' 24kt gold plated limo.

Me and Brian with Elvis