Sunday, December 28, 2008

It happened like this...

Tuesday before Christmas I took a little spill. I was on a horse standing still and reaching over to get a riding crop. The horse started to walk off before I was ready and got caught in a hose thawing on the ground. I tried to sit up and pull myself to the center, but it was too late. I just fell splat on my head. I don't believe I was unconscious, but I don't remember a lot that happened before or after that. I knew I was in trouble when Megan and Amy brought horses in I had asked them to ride and I looked at Megan and said, "Why does Amy have that horse out? Who said she could ride her?" Megan also knew I was in trouble and had phoned her parents to come deal with me. I guess I had her phone some of my sisters too.

Megan's parents took me to Lakeview hospital where I guess I had a cat scan that I don't remember. I was puking and my head was about to explode. They determined my brain was bleeding and I had a small fracture above my right eye. They treated me as a trauma patient and sent me to the University Hospital by ambulance. That night I had two more cat scans that I slept thru mostly in a drug induced coma. I spent the night in Intensive Care. I do remember having wonderful nurses. One was named Brad and he checked on my every hour or so. He was so nice to me. He would say, "How are you doing sweetheart?" I think I always replied wanting more pain medicine and he always brought it for me! He also brought me warm blankets and petted my head. I slept thru a lot of people asking questions every few hours to see if I knew who and where I was. I slept thru my blood being drawn over and over too. In the morning I slept thru another cat scan. They determined my brain had stopped bleeding and I could go to a regular room.

I slept thru the whole day. My mom and Rick and Jen were there I guess entertaining themselves. And my mom was wonderful enough to spend the night with me. That was a more painful night. They were trying to take me off morphine and put me on oral pain meds. I threw up and my head was pounding. But by the next morning I was feeling much better. They said if I could walk around and take a shower I could go home.

I spent a night a Jen's house and have since been in my own bed. I am feeling better each day, but my memory is not up to par. It is a bit frustrating. I walk around feeling really dumb and like I can't create sentences. I am hoping that does not last forever! I forget how to do simple daily tasks. I have made Shepherds pie a million times, but I had to ask my mom what went in it while I was at the store.

I feel like a lucky girl tho. It could be a lot worse! I am recovering and looking forward to a new year. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Enjoy Las Vegas With Black Mamba and Copperhead

It is finally time to blog Las Vegas! I would have liked to have done it sooner, but before we left Jolyn passed the flu to me which only lasted 24 hours. It lasted her 4 days. So when I got back I got it again and have not left my bed for 3 days.

JoLyn and I go into the vacation as Black Mamba (me) and Copperhead (Jo). We watched Kill Bill so we took those names on.

JoLyn and I leave for the airport.

Enjoy your shuttle ride JoLyn. Hope you are not too cramped.

Get your gamble on! Too bad we were only playing the pennies, but Jo wins big.

JoLyn enjoying a meal.

Enjoying the Rodeo on the big screen at the Brew Pub with our new friends.

We are headed to the Mirage to lose some money.

Mother gets to join us.

You can't take pictures at the Roulette table by the way.

JoLyn and I get to have a picture with American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook.

Who's shoes are whos??

This is only a picture, we won nothing.

We are at the rodeo.

This picture is out of place. During our 5 hour delay going TO Las Vegas we see Alec Baldwin. Well you never know!!

JoLyn has a big balloon coming out of her head.

Self portrait of JoLyn and I.

Please no comments from Rick on this picture.

Lloyd and Harry going home from Las Vegas. Yep, we look just like the Dumb and Dumber characters.

Please enjoy our videos.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

John Pearce Clinic

I had the opportunity this week to ride with John Pearce. He is a two time World Champion in Show Jumping and member of the 2000 Olympic team. It was a little nerve racking! He was very no nonsense. He didn't really want you to tell him anything he just wanted to tell you. But I guess when you have the status he has you get to be like that!

Tori came out with me the first day and we forgot to video. My horse was very hyper on day one. I think John thought I would ask her to go faster at times and he wasn't really listening to me telling him that she just grabs the bit and runs off with me. I definitely don't encourage speed on this horse, she has plenty! So I was a little frustrated that day and didn't feel like it helped me.

Tori and Megan came with me on day two. We got video and pictures. John still thought at a few points that I was making her gallop, but whatever LOL. Day two was much more educational. My horse tends to slow down and speed up and everything in between on her own. So I was always trying to make her slower all the time. Instead we just made her speed up when she wanted to slow down, which is much easier! That helped even her pace out. I also galloped her around the arena for ten minutes when she tried to take off with me. That helped wear her out. So basically after two hours my horse became quite nice and rideable. This is how much energy she has so I definitely have to keep her worked down. I also realized that I am quite strong, but not strong enough. I need to lift some serious weights and strengthen my back and abs for this horse. I was exhausted the day after the clinic and very sore.

The good news is I will be relaxing in Vegas with JoLyn for the weekend! Maybe not relaxing, but doing some heavy gambling ha ha!