Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well it's been a week since we got back from a horse show in Parker, CO. I took Megan and Tori and their horses Jade and Jazz. It was an awesome week. There were amazing horses and riders there. Our horses managed to place in several classes with 20-30 horses in them! But above everything else we just had a great time.

Brian and his son came for the weekend while we were there and Tori's parents were there so we had good company. Of course I brought my camera but forgot the battery. Here are a few pictures I took from my phone and video. Megan will be making a youtube video of the weekend and I will post that when she finishes.

My dog was the highlight of our trip. We decided we will have really made it if we ever have a horse as well trained and as beautiful as the dog! His show name is now Beaverwood's Hillcrest. And he is a very fancy jumper. Just take a look! You will also see that he has a monkey on his back that rides him.

These are the kind of setups that the barns put up for the weeks that they are at these horse shows. Very fancy and very expensive.