Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Animal horror!

This is Anne's puppy that we are watching. Unfortunately, her sister's baby passed away so she had to go to California for a few days.

This is the new family portrait.

This is the girls looking hot for a night out on the town.

This is me looking smoking hot and my boyfriend :)

And then..... today did not go so well. The goat was kicked in the head by one of Patty's belligerent horses. I thought she was okay originally. I thought she was kicked in the side, but then Marge informed me it was right in the head. Slowly her eye started to swell up.

Then....she started getting more and more listless. And then the nose started to bleed. So now I am sure that her brain is swelling and she is dying. It took me at least an hour to locate a vet that did goats. We made our way to Ogden with the goat on my lap in the front seat. I swore she was going to die in my arms. She was breathing weird and coughing and snorting weird.

No this is not a death picture of her empty house. She survived! The doc said she was very lucky not to have fractured her skull. It did break some blood vessels and cartilage in her nose which is why the nose was bleeding. Her eye will be ok it will not be lost. She had a hell of a concussion.
The vet gave her pain meds and antibiotics and then informed me she had lice LOL. So we were treated for lice.
Then the dog. Look closely and you can see the gash on his leg. I noticed a lump on his leg a while back and finally took him in yesterday to get checked out. Erik wanted to remove it today so he went in first thing.
It was not a fatty tumor so the fluid and the flesh will be sent in for a biopsy. I think it will be fine. It has not grown and it was just on the surface of his skin. But we will know for sure in a few days.

To top the day off we had a regular vet check for all the horses at the barn to have shots and worming. If I total the days vet costs I am in the five hundreds LOL. Could have been a lot worse and thank God for Erik giving the half off family discount.