Sunday, October 19, 2008

Legacy Parkway

Let me just start with the rats that were swimming in the canal at my barn. I was teaching a lesson and we went on an 'adventure' out back by the canal. Suddenly the horses were frightened by a noise in the canal. There happened to be two fairly large wakes in the water. We could not see what it was, but I decided the canal was really 500 feet deep and Nessy was living in there. Well we got back to the arena and Tori said she saw two rats swimming in the canal! So I figure that must have been what we saw, but how disgusting?

So the girls and I have been utilizing the Legacy Parkway trail. The trail itself is not too scenic, but we are able to ride to Bountiful Pond which is kind of fun. I also want to make note that I drove the Legacy today and counted 10 roadkill from 5th South in Bountiful to Farmington. Yes, we built a road thru the wetlands.

Megan, Tori and Butch in the field by Bountiful Pond.

The girls on the 'trail'.

Nice view of the Bountiful Pond.

I figure the canal runs into Bountiful Pond and this was a large area by the Pond where something had bedded down......Nessy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Craig!

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~ Thomas Campbell

I wanted to give a shout out to my Dad on his birthday. Lets see he is 56 today? Is that all? Wow life really is short. However, I have to say in the 52 years he survived he really did it well. He definitely lived life to its fullest.

I was lucky enough to receive a visit from the old man Sunday night. It had been a very long and stressful week. They say that you will get visits from the other side only when you truly need them. This was one of those times. I came out of a house...not sure who's house...and there he was sitting on the porch in a chair. He had a lot of facial hair....must be on an adventure where he can't shave. I of course ran over and hugged him and told him how much I miss him and how glad I was to see him.

Dad I hope wherever you are you are really enjoying the resort! Take a load off for your birthday. Spend it with good friends and family. And as long as you are doing some traveling stop by and see your daughter Angela. She is requesting a visit ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Show

Being on the Horse Show Committee does not build only REVEALS it. I loved sitting on the board this year and I think it did good things for my business, but alas I have resigned. This show reminded me what I knew years ago. Our club does not want to promote growth, it's very clickish, you get used to get an idea out there and then no one backs you up, and everyone acts like children. So I made a decision that it was no longer for me. It pretty much ruined the last two days of my horse show.

But at any rate, Lauren won the Bill Adam's Memorial the first day. She got a giant trophy statue thing and some money. I rode my horse and had the second fastest time going into the jump off and then my horse stopped at a jump!!! I ended up seventh out of like 25. It was my fault. The horse is amazing and I am so lucky to have her. Megan had a rough start Saturday, but managed a fifth out of 15 in her first show doing a higher height. She rode awesome and I was so proud of her. I rode Lauren's horse in the Derby Saturday night, which Grandma Joann came to watch. There were 23 horses in it and I got called back in the top eight. I had a great second round and ended up sixth. Tori ended up second in her Classic which I sponsored and she got an embroidered saddle pad. I rode Megan's horse in the trainer cup and had a little trouble in our flat phase, but was still called back in third place. The jumping round was a nightmare! The horse was spooking at EVERYTHING! I barely made it around and came in seventh or something. The judge told Luann that she was mad my horse acted that way and she wanted me in the top, but the horse spooked and trotted in the middle of the course and she had no choice but to give me a low score for that.

So it was a mediocre weekend, but I am really proud of all my kids and it was a great year. I will post pictures when I can.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Medal Finals

Ok everyone our final show is this weekend Oct. 10-12. I will be riding all three days. Friday I am riding Chili and Saturday and Sunday I will be riding Megan's horse Jazzy. It is at the South Jordan Equestrian Center on about 114 S and just west of Redwood Rd. Feel free to join me! I won't get to chat much since I am running the show, but you are welcome to be an exhibitor!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Eighth World Wonder

I think I fell in love with the eighth world wonder!!! This is my new mare. She is the bomb. All I want to do is ride her and brush her. I took her to our show on Saturday and did some little jumping classes to see how she would go. She was great. She absolutely knows her job. She is hot like a chili pepper just like her name! Next weekend I will show her in some bigger jumping classes. And if I continue to get along with her I would like to go to Tucson in November.

Background on Chili....she is 16.2hh. For horses each 'hand' is 4 inches, so she is 66 inches tall at her back. She is a Selle Francais which in a French Warmblood. This is the breed of the horse. Warmbloods were bred in Europe for jumping and dressage. She was born and trained in France and imported here a few years ago. I hope that her owner forgets that I have her and lets me keep her forever ha ha.