Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is going on?

I figured it was time for a little update. For starters, my grey horse is completely fine. They can't find a thing wrong with her after I pretty much pronounced her dead ha ha!! The blood work was completely normal. He ultra sounded to see if there were tumors on her ovaries, nothing. We did find some arthritic changes in her stifles so I went ahead and injected them. This explains the soreness she was having back there. I am gonna ride her for 1-2 months and try to sell her cheap. If I can't my vet offered his pasture for her to go chill in until I need her.

I made my first sell on ebay today! I couldn't believe how easy it was. I sold an old english saddle that I was doing nothing with. It cost me $2.66 to list it. I put a starting bid and a buy it now price and someone bought it in the first hour!! So I am kind of excited and might make a habit out of it.

Next weekend I will be headed to Knoxville, TN to visit a friend. And don't get mad Angela, I would have come to see you first, but I didn't pay for this ticket ha ha! So I will be leaving Friday and returning Monday. I am excited since I have never been there before. I think we are going to spend Friday night in Nashville which sounds way fun! My kind of town for sure.

Other than that I am just enjoying the nice weather we have had. It makes working horses way funner!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Birthday Weekend

I got to spend the weekend in Jackson Hole for

my birthday. I went up with my friend Jessica on Friday and we met up with a bunch of our friends. I was quite scared driving up there. We went through Soda Springs because Jess lives in

Plain City and the pass was snow covered. I was quite sure I would die, but we made it safe.

We spent Saturday watching the chariot races and shopping. We had dinner at Sidewinders and hit the Cowboy Bar Saturday night. We came home Sunday morning. The weekend went fairly well and we had lots of fun except one of our friends brought his ghetto girlfriend from Las Vegas and she was creating all kinds of problems. Her problem with me happened to be that I am single and she is insecure. So she started all kinds of fights and her boyfriend is a total douche bag and it would have been lots more fun without the two of them but oh well.

Coming home I went through Evanston. The roads were terrible that way too, but I made it one piece.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's Shakin

I figured it was time to post something. I have just been doing the same old thing. I did go out with some friends to the desert on a horse ride today. My horse only fell on me once. I was sure I would be life flighted out by the end, but I survived. He went to go up a ledge and didn't quite make it so he started falling backwards and I jumped off and landed in the mud and he almost rolled on me. But that sort of thing is standard on our trail rides. The first ten minutes we only made it about 300 yards because everyone was about to get bucked off and no one could sacrifice their beer. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures to document the ride. Butch had a blast. There were free range cattle that he rounded up. We saw wild horses and shot a few jack rabbits. I am planning to get a pistol soon. It is awfully fun to shoot stuff ha ha!

The same group of friends are going to Jackson Hole next weekend so I might join them. Or I may go see a rodeo in San Antonio. I am also planning a trip to Erie so let me know if you are in!