Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful job doing what I love. I have the best clients in the world. I get to work at a wonderful facility and be a part of the Kingsbury family. I have an awesome place to live. I have an amazing family where each person continues to inspire me each day. I have the best little friend ever.....Butch. I am currently blessed with a great boyfriend. And the list goes on!!!

I will miss my Pennsylvania family terribly this holiday season. I hope you guys are cooking a feast and enjoying Thanksgiving on the East Coast! You lucky ducks!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Awards night

The horse show season officially ends with our awards night. We all get to dress up and head to the Raddisson Hotel in downtown. It is a big night for everyone and it is fun to dress up! Last year everyone said I was the best dressed so I had a lot to live up to. I managed it though! I chose an above the knee length cocktail dress from Bebe. You can't see the full effect in these pictures, but Pro Photo took pics that I will post later.

Almost my whole crew received awards. I was showered with gifts from my students and gift certificates for being on the board this year. Lauren received the Championship for the Children's Jumper Division. Amy took home two Reserve Champions for her Medium Stirrup Hunter and Equitation divisions. However, they are doing a re-count because they messed up and I think she is Champion of both. Tori received awards for her Long Stirrup Divisions and my horse and Megan's horse got awards in the Baby Green Division. Megan was also nominated for the Sportsmanship Award. A very prestigious award that I was so proud of her for being nominated. She got beat out, but that's ok. It is always an honor to be nominated. And in the end only members can vote so it comes down to the barn with the most members if you know what I mean. She is a winner in my eyes!!!

The kids left to right: Andrew, Jessica, Amy, Megan, Tori, Lauren, Ian.

The parents who I love and pay the bills! Left to right: Bob, Mary, Kathy, Greg, Julie.

Me and my cute boyfriend! This is Henry. He has been around for about a month. This is me introducing you ha ha!

Me and my beautiful bunch of talented pupils.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My apologies for the blurr, but my dog is hilarious trying to keep warm. He would not leave my coats side all day. Marge is in the background. She laid a blanket down for him on the right, but he just wanted my coat.

He needs a heavier coat. He was still shivering in this one.

Well there are a lot of changes going on around here! Winter is here for one. Butch was freezing cold yesterday. He wore his coat all day and tried to lay on my coat and blankets around the barn to stay warm. I will be investing in a heavier coat for him.

I spoke with the gal that owns Chili, the horse I just got, and I have secured a year with her and then I will try to buy her or sell her. I will need close to $50k so please start funds at your local bank for me ha ha!

I met a nice guy..... I think ;). Friend of a friend. We have been spending a lot of time together so hopefully he is not sick of me.

Oh and.......America has voted and Barack Obama is our next President! I was half tempted not to even go to the polls as I knew my vote would not count in Utah. And then I snapped out of it and realized what a great opportunity it was to go have a voice. And you can't complain if you don't vote! I am thrilled with the outcome of the election. I have heard people around here say that Obama will turn us to socialism or communism. I heard them say he will be assassinated before he ever gets to the white house. I heard them say he will ban ALL guns. But I believe those are ignorant comments. He wants to 'share' the wealth. He is not going to take the rich peoples money, he is just not going to give them all the tax breaks. Which they don't need!!! He wants us all to have health care! YES! That is so exciting for me, because I do not have benefits as I am self employed. It was very expensive and hard for me to find coverage. I hope he changes that. I think we hear comments about assassination with every new President. "If he wins I hope someone kills him" that sort of thing. It is a possibility for sure, but it is with every President. That is why they are protected the way they are. And I believe he will make a competent decision on guns. I don't think you are not going to be able to go hunting I just think that he will make an effort to not make them so readily available. But you have to be ignorant to not want some kind of change from President Bush. He has the whole country in the 'shitter'. It is always a bit scary when we elect a new President. We never know what will happen, but we survive. So let us not be afraid. Embrace change!! And what an amazing time for Americans. We had an African American and a woman on the ballot this year!!