Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are some more pictures that I thought were fun to post.

Deep in conversation.

The lovely Thompson Family.

Me and Brian

Me and my lovely sisters and little Ava snuck in.

You can hurt me later for this :)

I got lucky and caught this on camera.

The Tilley, Thompson, Barnes, Johnson, Mcelhaney Family.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Early Show

The Early Show was a complete success. The first day I rode Jazzy for Megan and won two out of three classes with a fifth in the third. Tori rode Jade and got two firsts and three seconds. The second day I rode Jeremy for Elynne and won three of three classes. Jazzy didn't have quite as good of a day and was third in one class. Tori rode again and got one first and two seconds. Saturday Holly rode Bingley. It was her first show and she took a first, second, and two thirds!!! Megan rode Jazzy for her first time in the three foot division and placed fourth and fifth against some of the best horses in our organization. Elynne rode Jeremey and he started out a little tough but she came out with two seconds. Laura rode Jake for her first show ever and ended up Reserve Champion! Tori also earned Reserve Champion. I couldn't have asked for a better show. And of course my team is so amazing. They all pitch in and support each other. It makes my life so easy :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Its Saturday night baby! JoLyn is childless for the weekend, Brian is in town and it sounds like a great night to go hit the town. The three of us and some friends headed up to the Outlaw in Ogden to do some drinking and dancing. JoLyn was slightly worried about the venue, but she soon realized country music is only played until about 11:30 and then it goes to dance music. It was all request night anyways, so there was plenty of 80's music and what not. I did manage to get JoLyn into a pair of boots though! And she looked adorable by the way. We had an excellent time. I ran into a lot of people I knew and we just got to enjoy good company and have a great night.

I have the cutest, nicest boyfriend on earth. How lucky am I?

JoLyn stayed the night since we were in no condition to drive. So Easter morning we woke up and went to breakfast and then came home and slept until 2:00. Then we got a wild hair to go jump on the tramp......the rest is sort of history lol. I tried to get more on camera but the battery was dead.
Jo headed home and Brian and I went to the Gateway only to discover that apparently they are shut down on Easter. We did find a restaurant and got to have dinner before I took him to the airport. So now I am back to work for the week just me and the dingo.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zephyr Horse Show

This is an awesome shot of Lauren and Chili

Lauren and Chili jumping 3'3"

Lauren and Chili jumping 3'

Me and Choices jumping 2'9"

Me and Choices jumping 3'

Amy and Poco jumping 2'3"

Well we made it through the first horse show. It happened to be thirty something degrees outside and snowing all day, but the show was inside. We got there at 7:30 AM and did not leave until 8:30 PM!! Long day to say the least.

Amy took her horse Poco and did divisions up to three foot. She is riding so well and I was so proud of her. She had a rail down in her important division which was unfortunate, but did place in other classes.
Lauren rode Chili in divisions up to 3'6". She also rode very well. The poor girl had to do a flat phase for the medal she rides in. This is where you don't jump you just to stuff without jumping and Chili is sooo strong! She did so good. The object is to look pretty while you perform tests and Chili is so hard. I was quite amazed how well she did ha ha!

I rode a few of Patty's horses. One that I was just schooling and not showing and the other I showed. She was a little nervous and knocked rails down in all her classes. She was a little distracted at the jumps and not lifting her legs up all the way. I also rode Chili up to 3'9". I had planned on doing the 4' division also, but it was late and we were tired. She did really good minus stopping at one fence in each round....grrrr! This is a little problem she has. She has all the power and speed in the world, but randomly decides not to jump. Often I blame myself for this, but I was on high alert and riding my guts out. I watched my videos and she has no excuses!!

All in all it was a good first show. We got our jitters out and all ended up placing. Our first Hunter show is in two weeks and I may take the girls to a fun show on Saturday for practice.