Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting ready....

Well I am just preparing for a long week of horse showing. This is the annual UHJA show which I am in charge of. I will pick the judge up Tuesday night and we will start showing Wednesday morning. My student, Lauren, is sixteen now so she will be helping me haul horses and be my right hand gal at the barn while I am dealing with the show.

I still have not taken any pictures ha ha! But I dug some up from last year that will give you an idea of what we do.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

For those who knew my room mate......

I just wanted to update everyone on the room mate that moved to Florida to have her ex take care of her....this is the text she sent me......

Ike and I got in a fight. I am coming back to Utah. I'm not going to have my part of rent. I'm sorry. Also I got married.

Yes, this really happened. I text her back and said Congrats! You're nuts! Ha ha! Apparently she met Ike's room mate's friend and it was love at first sight and they are coming back here to be wed July 3rd. Go figure this chick is nuts. I give it two weeks at best.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another week of summer gone

Here you go my coolest brother in law Nate :)

Well another show has gone by and that means it is Sunday. I rode my horse and Jessi's horse in the Baby Greens on Thursday and Friday. My horse was fabulous the first day and so-so the second day. Bosco was not good the first day and redeemed himself on day two. My horse, Missy, ended up Reserve Champion of the show. Finally and hurray!!!!! She is such a beautiful horse we just always have hang ups it seems. Megan's horse did not show this weekend due to the fact she had such a long show the weekend before she was a little sore.

Saturday was Tori's day to show. She has been riding really good and I have high hopes for her this year. We didn't have to leave until about eleven, but she didn't show until about six which made it a long day. The venue was Rose Ranch which is notoriously dusty, windy, hot, dry, etc... Not the funnest place to go. After waiting all day things didn't quite go as planned. Tori struggled a little and ended up with some third and fourth places.

Today Lauren and Tori both showed. Lauren rode in the morning and was second in both her equitation rounds. It is a really hard division this year and I am very pleased with her. She had a horrible Equitation on the Flat round and trotted for almost an entire revolution when they were supposed to canter....I almost killed her ha ha! Tori was a little better today, but still struggling over fences. She did pull herself together for her flat classes finally and got seconds, thirds and fourths today.

The show was not quite as successful as last weekend, but still good. I have decided all men I date are total idiots and had to cut a few off this weekend ha ha. This week should be a little for mellow I only have a show on Saturday. I will be preparing for the weekend of the 4th of July show. I am on our hunter/jumper board this year and I am in charge of that show. So I will be busy the next two weeks tying up loose ends. Wish me luck on that!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Horse Show

I just spent five days at a horse show in South Jordan, UT. The first two days I rode my horse and my clients horses in the Baby Green division. They were all very good. Missy, my horse, took a few thirds and seconds. Jasmine, Megan's horse, took a few seconds also. She would have done even better, but I had a tree blow down while I was going thru a line and she spooked at it and I didn't make it to my second jump. Then on my second trip she trotted down by the gate thinking she was done. Grrrr! That's ok though. Bosco, Jessica's horse, has come leaps and bounds in the last few months. He finally went around and did all of his flying lead changes without going psychotic. Much improvement!

Tori, Megan, Amy and Jessi all rode Friday and Saturday. Jessi's horse got a cut and was sore so she ended up riding my horse Jake. They were all wonderful. Jessi and Amy both took home Reserve Championships in their divisions. Tori won several of her classes the first day, but wasn't quite as brilliant the second day. Megan is doing fantastic on her horse. We have only had her about six weeks, but they are starting to figure each other out. She got a bunch of second places. It was very successful.

Lauren rode on Saturday and Sunday in the timed events. She was brilliant on her horse Nikki. They won all of their rated jumper divisions at the show and took a third in a non rated class. She also had her equitation classes on Sunday and was second on the flat and third in the hunter medal. It was a great show for her.

I was exhausted by Sunday. We stabled the horses on the show grounds and I was getting up at 5:30am and not getting home until about 11:30pm.

Monday I had to drive a horse to Boulder, UT for a client. I was exhausted and didn't leave until about 10:00am. Lauren came with me to learn how to drive the trailer and to keep me company. We were off to a pretty good start until we got to Boulder Mountain and the truck started overheating. We had to stop a few times and let it cool down and when we were driving we could only go about 10 mph. So the Mountain took an hour and a half to get over when normally it takes about 30 minutes. I thought the truck would have time to cool down before the ride back, but no such luck. We started up the Mountain and I could not get it to cool back down. We had to drive back down into Boulder and leave the trailer. I had to gut the tack room and put everything in the back of the truck. Needless to say, we did not get home until about 10pm Monday night. It was quite an adventure and now I have to go back to get the stupid trailer!!! Oh well.....all is well that ends well right?

We are headed to another show on Thursday. It won't be quite as eventful. I don't have as many horses going since some of them are very tired as well as their owners. Hopefully this one is as successful as last weekend. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trying it out

Alright Angela....I will also try to be a blogger! It's a little bit lonely here in Utah at the moment. Ang and the fam have moved to Pennsylvania, Jolyn and Jennifer are in Mexico, Mom is in Phoenix, so it is me and Steph holding it down here.

I spent the weekend with my favorite rodeo cowboy. We went to Price on Friday night and then Moab Saturday night. It was a fun little rode trip and Ty and Levi keep me quite entertained. I have to say I could definately get used to traveling with them. Butch stayed at one of my students houses for the weekend and he was so relieved when I picked him up today! He has been exhausted all day. I don't think he slept all weekend wondering if I would return or not. Needless to say I don't leave him very often.

Today I showed my horse Missy to a woman interested in buying her. She showed lovely and the woman liked her, but she is not quite what she is looking for. I completely understand, but it would be nice to sell the princess! I spent the remainder of the day in self pitty feeling lonely and watching depressing movies.....nice huh? Well I am all cried out for the day. We have a five day show coming up on Wednesday so I have plenty to do tomorrow. I will keep you posted on show results!!!