Monday, August 17, 2009

Cindy Lou Kingston

Cindy Lou Kingston is the newest addition to the Hugoe/Tilley household. Sean wanted a goat for the garden and JoLyn and I wanted a pet. We went to the fair and picked a beautiful runt pygmy goat out but the dude wanted 300 dollars. Brian said we could get it but we waited until the next morning. While we were at the barn I asked Jeremy Kingston, our stall cleaner, if they had goats. They did so we went over to the Kingston compound and picked one out.

This is Cindy Lou. She kept her last name cause we liked it better than ours with her name LOL. She has been so good. She doesn't like to stay in the garden, she escapes, but she is secure in the backyard. She rides in the truck good and spent today at the barn. She was so mellow! Just followed me around all day and slept under the picnic table. Never wandered off or anything! She is very precious. She is a Lamancha goat and as you can see she has very small ears :)

She i so beauty. She got a bath and a brand new collar with her own name tag.

She doesn't like it in here! But apparently she found a way out so she doesn't have to be in there anymore.