Monday, March 25, 2013

Coming Home!

I am so happy to be sitting down on this site and writing again.  I have been in the most exciting whirlwind for the past several years.  I have learned so many things in my career, in my relationships and in life.  I feel that I am making an earth shattering discovery within myself.  I currently am interested in finding and fulfilling my Dharma. 

Ever since I was a little girl my dreams were vivid, my imagination was wild and my anxiety was high.  I had a very clear vision of my life.  Marriage and children were never the things I dreamed of.  I always knew there was something different out there for me.  I had many ideas about how my life would turn out.  And that's just it.....could I see the future?  Were my dreams vivid for a reason?  Was I crazy?  I felt crazy.  But one thing was always for certain.  I wanted to do something BIG. 

As the years went on the dreaming became normal.  I would occasionally  wake from a dream that I knew was something different.  The World we live in began to replace a lot of my imagination.  I became an Equestrian over two of incredible decades of my life.  Life got fast.  People came and went.  My loved ones lived and died.  My career took off.  My future was looking bright.  As my career took off, I found myself on the road more.  I dreamed my entire life to travel the Horse Show Circuit full time.  And in the last 5 years I did.  Then something happened.  I got to the end.  I got as far as I ever dreamed.  There I was and I was disappointed for some reason.  I spent weeks trying to figure out what went wrong.  Why didn't it feel like I got there?  And then I started to feel it again.  The dreams came back more vivid than ever.  Only now I could see them all the time.  The Universe spoke to me and it told me that the picture was so much greater than what I imagined.  And thus begins the next phase of my life which I can not wait to share with everyone who wants to listen. 


Sheryl said...

Looking forward to your next 2 decades. I hope I am around for all of it.

Denise said...

I hope so too Ma!